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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Beyonce' Lip Syncing?

Ever since Beyonce' sung the National Anthem at the Inauguration, there have been many reports all over the internet and even on t.v. saying that Beyonce' didn't actually sing the National Anthem and that she was lip-syncing.


Well let's say she was actually lip-syncing, who cares?

>I read that she didn't have time to practice and that was why she actually had to go through with lip-syncing.
>I read that she initially was supposed to actually sing it and her pre-recording was "just in case."

If you watched the Inauguration, you will see that Kelly Clarkson did a song as well, and the controversy with Beyonce' now has people questioning if Kelly Clarkson was lip-syncing?  And if she was, SO FREAKIN' WHAT!!

These are all things that I read but I honestly don't think that it matters.  We all know that she can sing, extremely well, so why does it matter?  Many singers that lip-sync ONCE get so much backlash with people saying they aren't real artist because they didn't actually sing etc.  Britney Spears has dealt with it, Kanye West, Jennifer Hudson, Whitney Houston, Madonna, Ashlee Simpson, Chris Brown and many more have had backlash for lip-syncing, or have been accused of lip-syncing.

I understand that people want to hear the real thing but we also have to understand that many times these singers don't have time to practice and some of them dance with their routines so it's hard to both dance and sing, so shouldn't we cut them just a little slack? or should we be outraged?

I know some may agree with me and some may not but this is just my opinion.

So what do you all think about this?

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