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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How Cool Are These?

I get so fascinated by little things but these things are super cool and I would definitely invest in most of them lol.

Underground Parking 
This is so freaking awesome and it looks like it may be super expensive but who cares. I'll take 5 haha

Spiral Wine Cellar
This is so convenient, for those of you who are wine lovers.  Even though you would need a lot of wine to fill this up, it's still really cool and what makes it even better is the fact that it can be placed anywhere in your house.  You could probably place an entrance to the basement from here too.

Beer Shot Glass
This one is for my beer lovers out there......who also like to take shots.  Well now you can do both by taking shots of beer OR just drinking beer normally.  This glass is really cool though.

Dining Pull Out Table with Pull Out Seats
This is another cool yet convenient invention.  You can cook and once you're finished you can enjoy your lovely meal just by pulling out your table and seats from the drawer.

Calendar Ring
Even though majority of us have phones where we can check what day it is, I still think this is cool and if I can find where to purchase it I would buy it.  It's a cute ring as well!

Transformers USB Drive
I'm a HUGE Transformers fan so I love anything that has to do with it.  I really like this and even though I already have one (it's lame and plain) I would purchase this if I could find it.  My problem with some of these items is that I can't seem to find them.

Samsung Galaxy Camera
This camera looks just like a phone and I'm guessing that was the point when it was being created.  I haven't heard anything about this camera so I don't know if it's out yet or if it's coming out some time this year but I have been looking for a new camera and if this camera gets or has great reviews I'll have to check it out.

Color Changing Coasters
These are so freakin awesome. They are LED coasters and when you place your drink on them it'll change the color of the drink so it's fun and cool! They're made by Philips so maybe they're available?  Like the camera, I haven't heard anything about these either. 

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