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Friday, April 19, 2013

13 Gifs On Why You Should Watch New Girl

I absolutely LOVE the show New Girl.  I've been watching it since Day 1 and cant' get enough of it--it's hilarity at its finest.  You've got Jess (Zooey Deschanel), the fun and funky girl who moves in with three complete and total strangers, only to become the best of friends with them; Cece (Hannah Simone), the best friend of Jess who is a model and isn't afraid to tell it like it is; Nick Miller (Jake Johnson), one of Jess' roommates who's a bartender and constantly talks about how he has no money; Winston Bishop (Lamorne Morris), another one of Jess' roommates who also happens to be one of Nick's bestfriends.  He's very over the top with pranks and speaks his mind a lot; and then there's Schmidt (Max Greenfield), who is the last roommate and is also best friends with Nick (they've been friends since college).  Schmidt is the dramatic one out of the bunch.

The show is great and if you've never watched it, I give you 13 Gifs On Why You Should Watch New Girl...


This is how you properly curl your hair:
"You just wanna leave it on there for about 20 seconds...or more."


You and Jess react the same when you see food..twinsies!!


Feminist rants can become your thing too.


You learn not to let door labels boss you around.  You're a rebel, if you want to push on a door labeled pull GO FOR IT! (you may have a difficult time getting door open but whatevs GO FOR IT!)

 can make a difference.  Shun the non-believers!


Schmidt...need I say more?


Because all girls feel this way when it's that time of the month.


Even though the car is parked, you'll definitely think about jumping out of that moving car next time.


No tea=Hulk Smash


You learn to NEVER cook a frittata in a saucepan, it can feel like prison and because Schmidt says so.




How to properly catch your best friend: A How To Guide by Winston Bishop

How to thank your friend for saving your life even if they completely failed at catching you: A How To Guide by Schmidt

And last but not least...


You learn that when a great song comes is definitely a moment.

(All images via Tumblr)

There you have it folks!  If that isn't enough to make you want to stop reading this post and start watching New Girl right at this moment, well then I don't know what is.  All I can tell you my friends, is you are truly missing out!

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  1. I loved this show but I stopped watching when Nick and Jess kissed each other lol. That was so predictable! Did they end up together in the end or no?


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