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Friday, April 26, 2013

Get Lucky + INDICUD

Oh yes people, Daft Punk is back!!

Social media definitely can have it's perks at times and one of those perks is being the first to find out about certain things.  Daft Punk's new single 'Get Lucky' off of their upcoming album Random Access Memories was leaked last week.  Of course for an artist having your song leaked can completely suck but at the same time it can be major bonus points. Your fans get the opportunity to experience the awesomeness of your song/album and more than likely if they're a die-hard fan, they're gonna buy it.  

I was able to finally listen to the song and I loved it! I've been a Daft Punk fan since I first heard One More Time twelve years ago (I was 9 years old) and boy was that song a hit--still is!  So of course I was more than ecstatic about Get Lucky--psst, Pharrell is even in it, what more could you ask for?!?.  

Daft Punk- Get Lucky

Along with the excitement of Daft Punk's new single, Kid Cudi also brought some music greatness with his album Indicud.  For those that don't know me, I am a HUGE Kid Cudi fan!!  Back in my freshman year of college I listened to Man On The Moon: The End of The Day, I kid you not.  It was always Kid Cudi, Justin Bieber, Drake, or Tokio Hotel. I haven't been able to buy the album yet, but thanks to the oh so wonderful Youtube I have been able to listen to it and as always he doesn't disappoint!

Kid Cudi- King Wizard

Are you a fan of Daft Punk and Kid Cudi?

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1 comment:

  1. Pharell's voice is so sweet. I love that the song has a retro feel, it's so cool. One more time was my jam back in the days. Can't believe the song was released so long ago lol.

    I LOVE INDICUD! All the songs are perfect! I'm so happy he's back <3
    I was about to make an article about it. If you hear news about his tour in the US please let me know! xx


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