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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Summer Shorts

As many of you know summer is literally right around the corner and I know I was excited for spring but I am absolutely ecstatic for summer to be here.  I live in the south which means hot weather and sun! And today's weather makes me even more excited for summer because for some odd reason it's like 50 something degrees out, breezy, and cloudy and I hate it!  It was sunny and felt great yesterday but it doesn't really surprise me, our weather is always bipolar---literally it'll be raining one minute and sunny and blazing the next.  It makes it really hard to dress for that day's weather.  I'm really gonna need the weather to cooperate. 

Enough of my rambling; I was browsing online and came across some cool shorts and of course felt that I should share.  If you're anything like me, you can never have too many shorts!

American Eagle always has some of the best and cutest shorts at the most affordable prices.  Their shorts are very 'festive' looking which is why I love them so much.  These shorts just scream summer.

Almost every girl I know loves Nasty Gal!  Their shorts are extremely different from most.  The first two pairs of shorts gave off an edgy vibe which is why I liked them the most (the skull crusher shorts are my fave).  The third pair has more of a girly vibe; they remind me of cotton candy.  These shorts will definitely turn heads.
*The Woodstock Cutoff Shorts are currently sold out, but there are tons of other choices that are just as cute!

Planet Blue's clothing are more bohemian meets hippie.  If you've never heard of them check them out here.  At first glance these shorts look like they just have fabric stitched onto them--NOWHERE CLOSE!--I fell in love with these because of the bleached effect but also because the pocket is actually paint or something of that substance.  I mean really who wouldn't want to wear these?  They're a little more pricey than most shorts but I bet they're totally worth it!  

Where are some places you get your summer shorts from?

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