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Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Wanted- Mad Man

Hey guys how is your Sunday?  Hope you all had a great weekend and are looking forward to Monday, yay!! Well I have very limited internet access so it's been very hard for me to get on and blog.  I want to do this really quick post before the internet decides it wants to act up again.

I'm not exactly sure how many of you are big The Wanted fans, but I absolutely love them.  Not many people care for them and it sucks because they are really good and their songs are catchy.  I found this song by them on Youtube in December and I'm so mad because they haven't released it yet so I'm stuck listening to it on Youtube, but it's such a good song and I think they should drop it NOW!

It's such a darn good song and I could listen to it over and over and over again that's how much I love it.  If you like The Wanted and haven't heard this song yet, I hope you enjoy it, if you haven't heard the song or have never heard of The Wanted, I hope you guys enjoy it as well :)

What's a song that you are absolutely in love with that hasn't been released by the artist yet?

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  1. hi hun! thank you for your lovely comment..i got that skirt a while back..last year in the store 579 was a pretty good bargain one get one free at 14.99 ...there is somethibg similar at urban outfitters..kind of pricy though

  2. I love The Wanted! I wish they had promoted Rocket. This song is awesome :D

    ♡ E.

    1. I haven't heard that song but I'll definitely have to check them out


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