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Friday, March 29, 2013

Hayley Williams Covers Nylon Mag

Everyone that knows me knows that I pretty much worship the ground that Hayley Williams walks on.  I saw her on the cover of Nylon (which I purchased) and she is just oozing 'Rock.'  I have always loved her sense of style and her "I'll do whatever I please" attitude.  I remember first finding out about Paramore in high school and the first time I saw her I instantly gravitated to her orange hair.  I was so amazed by its.....brightness and how different it was from what most girls and women normally go for when it comes to hair color.  

In the magazine Hayley talks about what Paramore went through during their hiatus, but I won't go into that (you'll have to purchase the magazine to get the scoop).  I'm just happy they are back with new music.

I've made a previous post about their single 'Now' off of their new self entitled album 'Paramore' here. They have recently released another song off of the album called 'Still Into You,' which sounds like classic Paramore.  Honestly it reminds me of 'The Only Exception,' just faster and you can actually dance to it. Check it out below:

Paramore - Still Into You

Are you a Paramore fan?  If so, what's your favorite song by them?

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