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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Which Sex & The City Character Are You?

Hello beloved readers! How are you guys doing today?  It's such a nice sunny day here in Georgia, though it is a bit windy but I'll take the sun over the tons of rain we received yesterday. I've been cleaning up my place all morning, so I decided to take a break and go and get some coffee.  Of course you can't have a good cup of coffee without a good read to top it off.  I am so happy to see Hayden Panettiere on the cover of Nylon, I absolutely love her and she looks stunning on the cover.

So I've been watching a lot of re-runs of Sex & The City and I know that tons of girls/women all around the globe watch the show, so it got me to thinking...which character from the show would you describe yourself as?

I feel like I'm a lot like Carrie mixed with a little bit of Miranda.  I love the show and strongly believe that every girl/woman should have a group of girlfriends that are like the characters on the show.  It's always nice to have a group of friends that you are very close with.  It's hard to find good friends, so when you find friends like that you hold onto them.

What Sex & The City character are you? (I'd really like to know which character you think you are more like, so leave a comment below :D!)

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