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Monday, December 31, 2012

For The Love of Music

(Top Left) Ed Sheeran; (Top Right) Bruno Mars; (Bottom Left) Lana Del Rey; (Bottom Right) Frank Ocean

Lately I have found myself listening to these 4 people more than anything and I love the fact that they all give me a different genre to listen to.  I love to have diversified music, I can't just listen to the same genre over and over.

Ed Sheeran has such a nice mellow sound of music.  His voice is absolutely amazing and he sorta reminds me of the British version of John Mayer.

Bruno Mars also has an amazing voice.  His music is more upbeat but still great nonetheless.

Lana Del Rey has a wonderful voice and her music has a very slow-type beat but once you listen to one of her songs you'll definitely want to hear more.

Last but not least is Frank Ocean.  He has a wonderful voice and his music ranges from slow-beat to upbeat.  I love it!

I listen to these 4 people almost everyday and I recommend them to anyone.  I believe that anybody could get into their music.


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