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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Never Underestimate The Power of The Christmas Season

December 1st marks the beginning of the Christmas season.  Around this time you will see either the worst in people or you'll see the best in people.  You'll also see the worse drivers ever it's ridiculous.

Yesterday my Mom, Sister, and I decided we wanted some doughnuts so we went to one of the best doughnut spots ever, Krispy Kreme.  I absolutely love their doughnuts and their coffee.  Well this man walks in and he has on a Santa hat and he sits down and enjoys him some doughnuts.  After he finishes he walks over to my Mom, Sister, and I and says "Merry Christmas to you ladies and I hope your holidays are filled with cheer. May God bless you and your family and bring peace to you." I thought that was the nicest thing ever.  He then goes on to tell us that he's been playing Santa in a play.  I compliment him on his hat and we also wish him a happy holiday and tell him "May God bless you and your family." 

It just goes to show that there are very extremely nice people out there and it's better to be nice than to be mean.

Things like this just make me happy and I hope that we all can continue to spread niceness instead of being mean and hateful toward each other.

Happy Holidays!


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