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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Normal People Read the Summary

Maybe it's just me, but I thought that everyone read the summary on the back of books before actually going through with the purchase---guess I was wrong.  A couple of days ago I read this little paragraph about this Mom whose daughter's birthday was coming up and her daughter was turning 8 years old, so she wanted to get her a book.  The Mom sees this book: 

and says "Oh this is the same author who wrote the Harry Potter series."  Now just to jog some of your memories,  J.K. Rowling said she would be writing a book that was for adults, and she had been talking about it for some time.  When her book finally dropped, a lot of people were comparing it to Fifty Shades of Grey (keep all of this in mind).  The Mom gave the book to her 8 year old who read it and came back to the Mom asking her questions about what she read in the book (drugs, sex, etc.)  The Mom says that bookstores should keep books like this behind the counter so that it won't get confused for children's books.  This is where I ask "Don't all people read the summary before purchasing the book?"  I completely disagree with this mother simply because J.K. Rowling had been talking about this book and it's adult content and no I'm not a parent, but isn't it the parents job to read the description on books before purchasing it for the child?  That's what my Mom did for me and my brother and that's what she does now for my sister who is 12.  I think books should stay exactly where they are and people should read the descriptions.  Just my opinion.  But other than that, I've heard this book is really good.

Do you think books with adult content should be place behind the counters?

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