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Thursday, February 21, 2013

"That Is So Chocolate Bar!"

This morning I was watching this show called The Doctors with my Mom.  I love this show because it teaches you all about the do's and don'ts with health and how to be healthy and a ton of facts you probably didn't know about your health.  Well this morning they were holding their 1st Annual Award Show, where they honor people for their contributions to health.  Let me just say there are some absolutely AMAZING people in this world.  I was inspired by the two little boys, Dylan, 6 and Jonah, 7, who won the Best Friends for Health award.  Jonah was born with glycogen storage disease 1B, a rare liver disorder that affects one in a million children.  300 people in the U.S. currently have it.  Jonah and his best friend Dylan have been friends since preschool.  Dylan wanted to help out Jonah, so he took it upon himself to write a book 'Chocolate Bar,' which he explained describes happiness.  In the book Dylan uses an expression "That's so chocolate bar," which his parents explained is Dylan's way of saying something is cool or awesome.  Dylan and Jonah sold over 200 copies of the book at the school book fair.  Dylan has raised, to date, $30,000 for Jonah's care.  If you would like to purchase Dylan's book Chocolate Bar, you can go here.  There is no cure at the moment for Jonah's condition, but let's donate so that we can help find a cure!!  I plan to purchase this book and give it to the little girls that I babysit, because I know it's something they'll enjoy :)

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Happy Thursday!!

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