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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Weird Dreams

I may just have the weirdest dreams ever!  The weird dreams I have make me feel like I'm on drugs---they make absolutely no sense and don't add up.  So a couple of nights ago I had this dream that my family and I were at this restaurant (a Texas Roadhouse to be exact) and we had this amazing fish (which is weird because those kind of restaurants are known for having great steak).  Well this fish was so good that my Mom wanted to replicate the recipe.  My Dad out of nowhere says "You guys wanna see a magic trick?"  as he pulls out this hat from behind his back (this is also weird because my Dad doesn't talk about magic nor does he really show any interest for it).  So he shows us this trick and we talk about how cool it was then we tell him how we had no idea he liked magic.  We are now at a grocery store and my Mom asks what kind of fish should she buy? Salmon or Cod?  While she is looking for her fish, this lady comes near my Dad, brother, sister and I and she's carrying a baby monkey that is wearing a diaper and is crying like an actual baby.  It was very weird.  All of us meet up with my Mom and she decides she is going to go with Cod and the dream ends.  Weird right?  It made no sense.  I find it extremely crazy that there was a a diaper...that cried like a real baby.  

What's the weirdest dream you've ever had?

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